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EPC Steel Structurs Pvt. Ltd. an EPC Solution Company. A company where EPC stands for Engineering, Procurement, Construction and is a prominient form of contracting agreement in the construction industry.

The Company

EPC Steel Structures Pvt. Ltd The Company EPC Steel Structures Pvt Ltd an EPC Solution Company. A company where EPC stands for Engineering, Procurement, Construction and is a prominient form of contracting agreement in the construction industry. We an EPC contractor carries out the detailed engineering design of the project procure all the necessary equipment and materials and then construct to deliver a functioning facility or asset to their clients. we believe "NO SUBSTITUTE FOR QUALITY" We are a professional cohesive group with 2 decades of combined experience covering all areas of any Project. Our specialized, in-house talent pool and the ability to provide holistic solutions under-one-roof makes us distinctive. By having the best technical skills and thought leaders, to create outcomes which enhance value for our clients & society. We work closely with our valued clients to optimize and propose a cost effective building as an asset to our clients. We strive to be amongst the top 10 lean, efficient & most preferred EPC solution providers for PEB Buildings for large and medium enterprises, delighting our clients and providing them an unsurpassed bouquet of services. We direct all of our efforts toward our clients both internally and externally to understand, anticipate, and satisfy their needs and expectations in a timely, cost-effective and value-added manner both as a company and as individuals thereby achieving higher level of client satisfaction. We strongly believe in achieving all the project goals within the given constraints. We ensure safe and successful execution of your projects.

  • Mission

    EPC Steel will achieve this Vision by determination to transform our Clients Project Economics.


    To be recognized as Leader for providing EPC solutions in Pre Engineered Buildings & Structural Steel Building Sector.

    Core Values

    We strongly believe that success can be achieved by implementing and adhering to your core values. We as a company and as individuals follow core values as stated:

    • • Client Satisfaction.
    • • Professionalism & Integrity.
    • • Commitment & Transparency
    • • Team Work.
    • • Ethical Behavior.

Key Profile

  • Rtn. Saurabh Sangani

    Rtn. Saurabh Sangani, a Mechanical Engineer, an active Rotary club member, is the owner of EPC Steel Structures Pvt Ltd.
    Backed by more than 15 years of experience, He is responsible for implementation of all type of projects in India and worldwide. Mr. Saurabh has a wide portfolio in Sales, encompasses project management, customer management and engineering management. Notable among the several assignments over the past decade. He played lead role during his tenure at Zamil Steel by representing the company in Central India with office based at Nagpur.

What You'll Get From Us

Driving the change in PEB & Steel Industry.

  • Transparency & trust.
  • Restless Curiosity
  • Commitment
  • Project Ownership
  • Human Focus
  • Creativity
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Care



We are focused on providing timely and quality services to cater our clients in an efficient way. We provide everything that you need right from conceptualizing to the project closure to make your project a success.

You name it and we have it.

EPC Solution

  • The first step to a project is conceptualization
  • which is based on User Requirement Specification (URS).
  • This involves preliminary engineering to
  • develop basic conceptual layouts based on
  • regulatory and other compliances, incorporating
  • present and future requirements.

Turnkey Solution

  • The scope of work include the design,
  • fabrication and supply of steel buildings;
  • related civil and concrete works;
  • erection of the steel buildings;
  • firefighting and fire alarm systems; architectural materials;
  • and mechanical, electrical and plumbing works on
  • the basis of turnkey contracts through full site management teams.

High Rise Building

  • A high-rise building is a tall building,
  • as opposed to a low-rise building and is defined
  • differently in terms of height depending on the jurisdiction.
  • It is used as a residential, office building,or
  • other functions including hotel, retail, or
  • with multiple purposes combined.

Structural Steel Building

  • A steel building is a metal structure fabricated
  • with steel for the internal support and for exterior cladding,
  • as opposed to steel framed buildings which generally use
  • other materials for floors, walls, and external envelope.

Pre Engineered Buildings

  • Pre Engineered Buildings (PEB) are the buildings
  • which are engineered at a factory and assembled at site.
  • Usually PEBs are steel structures.
  • Built-up sections are fabricated at the factory to exact size,
  • transported to site and assembled at site with bolted connections.
  • This type of Structural Concept is generally used to build
  • Industrial Buildings, Metro Stations, Warehouses etc.

Roofing & Cladding Solution

Roofing is the top covering of a building, including all materials and constructions necessary to support it on the walls of the building or on uprights; it provides protection against rain, snow, sunlight, extremes of temperature, and wind. A roof is part of the building envelope. Cladding in construction is material applied over another to provide a skin or layer and used to provide a degree of thermal insulation and weather resistance, and to improve the appearance of buildings. Between the cladding and the wall there is a cavity where rain can run down.

Project Management Consultancy Services

  • Our construction consultants possess the engineering and
  • construction experience to provide real-world,
  • cost-effective solutions to the everyday challenges that owners,
  • contractors, engineers, and architects face throughout the construction process.
  • From the initial concept to project closeout,
  • we assist our clients in facilitating and coordinating
  • the construction process to mitigate complex problems.

Project life-Cycle


  • Head Office

    EPC Steel Structures Pvt. Ltd.
    45 Daga Layout North Ambazari Road,
    Nagpur, Maharashtra,
    India 440010
    Tel: +91 712 2243356
    Phone - +91 9970094368 |
    +91 8329036128
    Email: saurabh@epcsteelstructures.com